We Have Fun in LaGrange!

Macey Schnetz and Ashley Higgins

The students do love the snow — this year outside the guy's dorm they built the tallest snowman we've ever seen! Even in LaGrange they find ways to stay busy and have fun.

Frontier's spring semester is going really well. Only seven more weeks will bring to a close fifteen fabulous years for us in serving the Lord at Frontier School of the Bible. It's hard to imagine God designing a better fit for us than bringing us here to this unique place. It's been an exceptional experience, and we are so grateful!

Frontier Lumberjack Party

A special blessing this semester has been having our nephew, Austin Keenum, enroll for classes. He is making new friends and is fitting in really well. We love having him here with the rest of the Frontier family. He loves it here and is eager to come back next year.