Clarity is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the simple message of Jesus in a way anyone can understand.

I have committed my life to the idea that the truths of the Bible can be presented using straightforward language without confusing religious jargon.
— Dr. Richard Seymour, Founder

Dick Seymour founded what is now Clarity Ministries International in 1964 under the name Soul Winning Seminars. Now over fifty years later, Clarity continues to be the primary platform for his writing and speaking efforts.

Dick has written five books, various tracts and booklets, and a series of articles entitled the Clarity Trumpet. He is available to teach at churches, conferences, seminars, camps, or other events on topics including: how to share the gospel; cults and world religions; spiritual life; apologetics and Christian evidences; social issues and current events; and how to know the Bible is the Word of God.

In 2000, as part of Clarity's teaching ministry, Dr. Seymour joined the faculty of Frontier School of the Bible where he serves as a professor of Bible and theology. Because the staff and faculty at Frontier are missionaries who raise their own financial support, Clarity partners have the privilege of impacting both ministries as we work together to train the next generation of Christian leaders.

Clarity is sustained by the prayers and financial contributions of those who believe in our practical approach to Bible teaching. Much of our support comes from Dr. Seymour's former students and others who have been personally impacted by his simple presentation of the gospel, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing that same message of hope today.