"I will see you again"

"So for now you are in grief, but I will see you again; and when I see you,
your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take from you your great joy."

~ John 16:22 ~

I write to you today on behalf of my parents. A week ago we received news that that my brother Jeff took his own life. My parents wanted you all to be aware, but have been kept busy in the week since his death.

We did not realize that Jeff had been struggling with depression for some time. Early in the morning on Monday, April 11th he took his own life. His death was peaceful. 

Since that time we have been surrounded by family and Jeff's dear friends. We've been amazed at how many people loved Jeff and were positively impacted by his life. Many wonderful and loyal friends of theirs have dropped everything to make sure that his wife Rachel is taken care of, and we have what we need. 

Jeff was anything but conventional, and we tried to keep that in mind as we planned a time to honor him with friends and family. Everything was done "Truitt-style" the way he would have wanted. In the next news post is the Truitt-style obituary I wrote in his honor.

The phone call, cards, and emails we've received have been a felt comfort to us. We know that many people feel hesitant in times like this, for fear that they will say the wrong thing. We want you all to know that every prayer and kind word has lifted our spirits and helped us to keep our eyes on Jesus. 

We hurt and grieve, of course. He was a son, brother, husband, and friend, and all of us miss him greatly. While our spirits ache for him, and we long to go back and remove the pain he felt, we have hope.

While the next 20 – 60 years without him will be hard, we know we don't have to wait much longer than that. He was a believer, and no longer feels the loneliness and heartache of this world. He is in the Presence of Unconditional Love, and is healed completely. Someday soon we will be together again, "and no one will take from us our joy" — of being with Christ and those who have gone before us.

Thank you so much for all the prayers that you've poured out for us. We ask you to continue praying for healing. Pray for Mom and Rachel as they work to sort out some details, and for Jeff's co-workers as they try to divide his responsibilities.

Again, on behalf of myself and my parents, thank you so much for the love and support you've shown. We grieve, but we grieve in hope and with peace, knowing that the One we trust is the Resurrection and the Life.

Looking to Jesus,