What We Do

     We write, publish, and distribute literature and tapes, sharing the Gospel of Christ, explaining the means of living the Christian life, addressing a variety of Biblical themes, commenting upon social or ethical issues upon which the Bible speaks, and providing Biblical guidance for personal, family, and ministry problems which are addressed in Scripture.
     We conduct single meetings, camps and conferences, seminars, classes, training sessions, all to one end: to get every person back into the Word of God where all the answers to all of our most basic and deepest questions are found.


     What is now Clarity Ministries International has evolved through many stages and has been known by several different names going all the way back to 1964 with the establishment of Soul Winning Seminars. In 1967 the first "Soul Winner's Digest" magazine was published (circulation grew to 30,000), and a little later we published our first book, The Gift of God (over 50,000 have now been published). We also published All About Repentance and Religion: Who Needs It?, Fishing for Men plus tracts and booklets such as "Tongues: An Aid or Hindrance to Evangelism?"


     To get God's truth to as many people as possible through literature, meetings, tapes, and through any other God-honoring means which may be available to us. We especially concentrate on the truths of the Gospel of God's matchless grace, the Christian life as God intended it to be lived, and upon key doctrines of Scripture that impact the vitality and effectiveness of God's people.


     Though we want to influence all people everywhere, our fourfold burden is primarily for (1)those who are lost, who are strangers to the whole concept and real meaning of salvation by grace, and who deserve straight answers without confusing religious jargon, (2)believers who need and want to grow in their walk with the Lord, (3)those who are involved in Christian ministry of some kind but who are burned out, confused, or hurt and don't know exactly where to turn or what to do, and (4)native Christian servants in other countries who are deprived of adequate and sound Bible training but are eager to know and use God's precious truths.


     Richard A. Seymour (Dick) was born in 1934 as a frail little guy with a cleft palate and double harelip. Though his childhood was basically a happy one, he had tremendous struggles and inner pain due to his physical appearance and his inability to speak (even his name) and be understood by others.
     After more than twenty operations Dick finally had the physical equipment to speak properly, but it was a long, laborious process. About that time he also heard the Gospel of Christ at the age of nineteen. He could hardly believe the freeness of so great a salvation. He had gone to church regularly as a child but could not recall ever hearing that eternal salvation was a gift from God, received solely through faith in Christ, based on God's grace and having nothing whatever to do with his own works, goodness, or merit. What a life transforming message this was to his untaught ears. That was in June, 1953. Six months later he entered Bible college to begin his lifetime study of God's Word firsthand.
     Over the years Dick has been involved in a variety of Christian ministries. He has served on the Board of Trustees of two Bible colleges. He has also been a full-time professor of Bible and Theology, and served at various times as Registrar, Dean of Men, Academic Dean, Dean of the College, and President.
     During the early years of FBC's history Dick began to be burdened for those outside the direct influence of his own little ministry. His burden embraced everyone who did not know the Lord plus the entire Body of Christ, not just those within his little sphere. Dick founded Soul Winning Seminars, and published the first small issue of "Soul Winner's Digest." He began hitting the road (and airways) every weekend and in the summers crisscrossing the country conducting seminars and proclaiming God's precious Word in churches and conferences.
     After thirteen years of Bible college teaching and administration, he left in 1975 and began devoting himself to a full-time ministry of speaking, writing, and publishing his works. He married his lovely wife, Kathy, in July, 1975 (they now have two children: Jeff, born in 1985, and Stephanie, born in 1993). Dick was the founding pastor of Fayette Bible Church in Fayetteville, GA, and also pastored in Florida for a brief time in the early 90's. He returned to the Bible college ministry in 1988 where he taught and served in various administrative capacities until July, 1996.
     What is now Clarity Ministries International was previously known simply as Clarity. The name has been changed slightly to more accurately depict our direction and purpose, and to reflect the ever increasing international outreach of our literature and influence. Dick is once again available for speaking opportunities far and wide and throughout the year. His areas of consistent usefulness over the years have been in the areas of evangelism (the Gospel including cult evangelism), various aspects of the Christian life and how to live it, doctrine and theology (making the grand truths of Scripture very understandable and practical), camps and conferences (everything from youth camps to adult conferences on the Christian life, soul winning, prophecy, crucial contemporary movements and issues, and studies of various Bible books).

Statement of Faith

     In brief we hold to the following truths (a full Statement is available upon request):
     • The Bible as the verbally inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God.
     • The full Deity of the triune — God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
     • God as the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.
     • The virgin birth of Christ and His subsequent sinless life.
     • Christ's sufficient and complete payment for all sins of all men for all time.
     • His literal and bodily resurrection from the dead.
     • Eternal salvation provided freely to the believing sinner as a gift by grace, through faith alone, and not as a result of any human works or merit.
     • Christ's personal return, first to catch His children away prior to the Great Day of His Wrath, the Tribulation, and then to come back to earth with them to rule and reign over the earth for 1,000 years.
     • Heaven as the eternal home of the redeemed, and Hell as the eternal dwelling place of all who die without Christ, and of Satan and his demons.


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