Encouraging Words from Brazil

Our spring semester has gotten off to a great start here at Frontier School of the Bible. Ten additional students have enrolled this second semester. Dick is teaching Victorious Christian Living and Theology 2 which includes the study of angels, demons, satan, man, sin, and salvation. Kathy is involved with two women’s classes — Women Teaching Women 1 and Women Teaching Woman 3. We love our classes! 

A graduate doing an internship in Brazil recently emailed these encouraging words:

I want to thank you personally for the work and effort you put into the WTW classes. What I’ve learned from those classes has helped me immensely during my time here. I have a constant one-on-one Bible study where I apply what I’ve learned from those classes. I have a 45 minute message that I’ve begun studying for and without those classes I would feel so lost in my preparation. But I can do it in an organized way that keeps my thoughts in order and I get the most out of God’s Word. So thank you!